Living in Peas

“We aren’t going to have peas on earth until we recognise
the basic fact of the interrelated structure of all reality”

                                                                                                          Martin Luther King

Peas on Earth is a small-holding close to the Wild Coast of South Africa where two people attempt to live in harmony with their neighbours, the land, and the animals.

Our base, Mpetukop Farm, has, over the years, been a police station, a trading store, and a post office. Since 2008, when we moved onto the farm, it has been a shop, a B&B, a backpackers, and a home to many animals and volunteers.

This website exists purely to celebrate this little corner of Africa and all that flourishes within it.

While Peas on Earth continues to produce some vegetables and other homegrown produce, the main aim is to live as self-sustainably as possible.

There are only two Peas at Peas on Earth, Colin who looks after the farm and animals, and Nicky who works as a freelance writer. All the other creatures are four-legged.