A small farm with a BIG heart

Located on a little hill top in malaria-free Eastern Cape, overlooking the Tyityaba Game Reserve and off the beaten path, Peas on Earth appeals to travellers and farm volunteers seeking a deeper connection with nature, a better understanding of self-sufficiency and a serene experience in this spectacular part of South Africa.

In 2008 Nicky and Colin moved onto the farm and discovered the extent of the degradation of the soil due to over-use. The soil lacked almost all organic life, meaning that the aim of growing organic vegetables was near to impossible. Without life in the substrate, there can be no life above. Over the past nine years, we have focussed on growing the soil to support a rich and abundant micro fauna that, in turn, supports the cultivation of healthy, delicious organic vegetables and herbs.

Now, in 2017, the farm’s rich soil is able to produce a variety of fresh vegetables that are harvested twice a week for sale to local markets.

Alongside the life of the soil, so an alternative concept of living has also been born, away from fast-paced city living, tar roads, mass consumption and the lust for power. We have disconnected from society and aim to live in harmony with the land, our farm animals and the local community.

Peas on Earth strive for peace and freedom and the freedom of peas and people. Our dogs are your hosts and friends while we offer you the opportunity to rejuvenate your soul and regenerate the spirit with this unique farm stay in our rural paradise.

As a country, we offer a diverse landscape from modern urban living and African creativity to astonishing wildlife and scenic outdoor activities, not to mention the exquisite local food and wine. What makes the Eastern Cape experience so unique is the authenticity of the local Xhosa communities, the rustic flowing landscape filled with wildlife, the remarkable Wild Coast only 25km away and the vast open spaces.

Volunteer in South Africa

Equine Endurance

Discover the thrill of the Arabian and feel the power in the hoof-beat as you canter over rolling hills and prepare yourself and your stead for a 40km endurance race. Learn More

Natural Horsemanship

Whether you can already ride or have less experience with horses, this volunteer program will expose you to every aspect of caring for, working with and training horses. Learn More

Equine Explorer

Jump on a plane, jump in the saddle and explore the mountains of Lesotho, take a weekend trail along the incredible Wild Coast, learn about yoga for horses and develop a new sense of natural horsemanship. Learn More

Farm Stay & Hostel Accommodation Eastern Cape

We offer dorms, double rooms and en suite accommodation in our eco-friendly farmhouse; a tranquil space to unwind and enjoy the spectacular views surrounding us.


R130 pppn (R150 peak season) Learn More


R450 pppn (R500 peak season). Learn More

En Suite Dorms

R150 pppn (R175 peak season). Learn More

What our farm volunteers had to say

Noortje ten Wolde (Netherlands)

September – December 2016

I really like my stay at Peas on Earth and it was all I was expecting from volunteering. I learned a lot about horses and vegetables as well, and got the chance to work with so many different horses, it was a great experience. I really like the way you treat your animals and garden , it’s inspiring to see with how much love and care Peas on Earth is run. I will definitely come back one day to see you and the farm again.

Valentin Deinbӧck (Germany)

June-July 2016

Thanks for this incredible time at your farm. After this four weeks, it feels like a second home and a second family. I can’t write about my experience here, because I don’t know where I have to start and where I have to end – there isn’t enough space for this too!

I can only say THANKS for the time with you, the dogs, the farm and THANK you for sharing your wonderful dream with me. I will miss you a lot and don’t just want to come back to you – I have to come back. Back to your little world with a very big heart!

Milena Hinger (Luxemburg)

April 2015

I had a wonderful time here at Peas on Earth, which was mainly because I was treated with respect and patience and a lot of gratefulness, as well as trust. I was safe, I had my privacy, but at the same time I was welcomed as a guest and lived in a warm atmosphere as we shared our meals and the roof we lived under.

I can honestly highly recommend this place to future volunteers!

Katrin Wimpff (Germany)

May – July 2014

The volunteer project is really good but it’s only really worth it if you stay longer than 4-6 weeks in order  to get into everything – 3 months was great! In the information [I received], it said nothing about the school garden, which is sad, because Peas on Earth’s support for the school is really great. It is a great experience on the Peas on Earth farm!