Discover the Spirit of Endurance

“The Arabian horse is one who gallops with his lungs,
perseveres with his heart, and wins with his character”

                                                                                                          Tara Moore

There is little that beats the exhilaration of riding a horse. While some choose the technical precision of dressage and others the challenge of show jumping, endurance riding is about understanding your own capability and that of your horse as you, as a team, aim to follow a marked route over natural terrain within a set time and finish happy and sound.

Endurance riding is not a limited sport and can be enjoyed by anyone at any level. Whether you choose to just enjoy long-distance pleasure rides or you are setting out for 160km with the desire to win, this type of riding rests on your understanding of your horse and develops a strong bond between horse and rider than many people can never know nor understand. Often, the aim is to finish with a sound, healthy horse, rather than win at the expense of your noble steed. Vet checks are there to ensure the health and soundness of the horse, preventing any unnecessary strain on the animal.

Most of us experience a sense of achievement on completing a 10-mile hack, so imagine the thrill of cantering over the finish line after riding 40km through the unspoilt beauty of South Africa.

While almost any horse can participate in endurance, Arabians tend to dominate the higher levels. Some years ago, a Shetland pony completed the 100-mile Tevis Cup, proving that size really doesn’t matter! Arabs tend to be smaller horses with low basal metabolism, high speeds and considerable stamina, making them articulately adept at this sport.

The intention behind the Spirit of Endurance Horse Riding Holiday is to introduce riders from all over the world to both the sport and the landscape in which it takes place. We also hope to host experienced endurance riders from other countries who would like to participate in the sport in a new environment and compare the different aspects between their home experience and the South African endurance scene.



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What our clients have to say

Noortje ten Wolde (Netherlands)

September – December 2016

I really like my stay at Peas on Earth and it was all I was expecting from volunteering. I learned a lot about horses and got the chance to work with so many different horses, it was a great experience. I really like the way you treat your animals, it’s inspiring to see with how much love and care Peas on Earth is run. I will definitely come back one day to see you and the farm again.

Lowry Jonathan (UK)

June 2017

I had the BEST time. Honestly, it couldn’t have been better. The people were awesome, some of the most mind-blowing horses and rides I have ever done. Loved the fact we were working on the horses, we felt so useful. I know Nicky and Lauren thought that perhaps they would go a bit easier on the next volunteers (because we did a lot of riding) but that was perfect for me!

I honestly felt like the luckiest person alive, so sad to leave SA and my new friends.

Milena Funchal (Brazil)

June 2017

I have no certain words to describe my experience volunteering in horse project. I first have feelings, the best feelings I have ever felt during my entire life. Such an amazing people, all with a really big heart, ready to share all their knowledge with me. The strongest horses I have ridden, they easily do 10 minutes cantering. It’s wonderful to ride Arabian horses and every single day learn with them. I couldn’t imagine myself in a better place. That’s a really rich experience and you cannot miss it. I’m definitely coming back soon as possible. Thank you everybody for this lovely time.