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Peas on Earth

Peas on Earth is a small farm with a big heart

Peas on Earth produces 100% natural medicinal remedies that are proven to soothe, heal, and restore.

On our Eastern Cape farm, we have created a harmonious ecosystem where plants, animals, and microorganisms help to regenerate the soil and maximize sustainable productivity.

We grow an abundance of different species, allowing them to exist is a state of symbiosis that will one day see food forests flourish around us.

Trees offer shade and fruit while nutrifying the soil, herbs provide a forest of first aid, and organic fruits and vegetables sustain us and give us a little extra towards the inevitable bills.

Sustainable farming is sustainable

We’ve turned away from more intensive types of organic agricultural, contenting ourselves with producing enough for our dinner table, and little to sell at the markets at Yellowwood Forest every Saturday.

We try to make the most of what our farm has to offer by transforming the raw ingredients into products that our customers find effective and easy to use.

As we are both ardent animal lovers, we enjoy watching our baby goats snooze, play, and explore just as much as we relish giving Hamilton our pet pig a good back scratch.

We try to balance our days with a combination of work, and celebration for the freedom our lifestyle gives us.

About Us

Peas on Earth is a small operation run by Colin Hoseck. He is committed to self-sustainable living and sharing the best his small-holding has to offer with similar-minded people.

Over the past 14 years, Peas on Earth has been a trading store, a B&B, a backpackers, and a home. At one stage it was home to international volunteers, at another a squadron of piglets.

As our lives evolve, so does our farm.

Mpetukop Farm is our home and has been home to many before us. It was, for many years, a trading store but, before that also served as a post office and police station. Lives have been lived and lost here, and the soil holds those memories.

Although Peas on Earth no longer has accommodation nor hosts volunteers, we still share the best of what our farm has to offer in the products we lovingly make.

Our Range of Farm Store Products

Our balms soothe and heal, our preserves tantalize tastebuds, and our garden art transforms any space into a place of wonder.

We use traditional techniques to develop our plant-based treatments. Our comfrey oil is made from the root of the plant which is first dried in a solar dryer, before being steeped in organic olive oil for several weeks. The result is a more potent product than you can get from using the leaves as the roots contain a higher percentage of the allantoins responsible for comfrey’s healing properties.

Whether you’re interested in our healing balms, preserve, goats, or garden art, we hope you’ll find all you need to know here. If not, please feel free to contact us.

The Peas On Earth Goat Project

We also breed what we hope will prove to be a hardy, heart-water resistant breed of dairy goat. Our Dwarf Nigerian x Dwarf Cameroon buck brings increased milk production to the offspring of our Boerbok does. In turn, they contribute hardiness and disease resistance.

Our new buck will, in due course, contribute a little Saanen into the mix, which we hope will take it to a new level.

We sell some of our offspring each year, usually holding onto the the females, and selling off the bucks and castrated males. These little guys make excellent pets and are a welcome addition to any small-holding.

Peas on Earth Farm

Peas on Earth is a small farm with a big heart that produces 100% natural medicinal remedies that are proven to soothe, heal, and restore.

Wild birds and mammals

Domestic Animals

Edible plants

Blogs To Inspire Creative Living

We also plan on developing our blog where we’ll offer tips and tutorials on some of the projects we’re currently working on around the farm. This could be anything from how to build a wooden decoy bird to growing your own food for chickens.

By sharing these, we hope to inspire others to use their own creativity to live and work harmoniously with nature.

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