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Peas on Earth is a small farm with a big heart


Having grown up on a citrus farm in Rustenburg, Colin’s love of the natural world was cemented at an early age. He spent his childhood rearing ducks, identifying birds, and generally causing a ruckus along with his three elder brothers.

After matriculating from Dale College in 1991, he headed to Cape Town to study Nature Conservation. When his hopes for a career with SanParks were dashed, he headed to Australia where he worked at a snake park and, later on, a koala sanctuary.

On his return to South Africa, Colin became a guide at the prestigious Gorah Elephant Camp in Addo Elephant Park.

Colin worked as a guide and lodge manager for many years, before leaving the hospitality industry to pursue his dreams of owning and developing an organic farm.

Peas on Earth farm

Finding the perfect spot at Mpetukop Farm, outside Kei Mouth, he, alongside his wife, Nicky, started to develop new projects to fund their sustainable lifestyle.

Initially, they continued with the trading store, before creating a pet-friendly B&B before developing their accommodation further. Peas on Earth Backpackers hosted hundreds of guests over the first couple of years, but the degradation of the access road soon caused their numbers to dwindle.

In 2018, Peas on Earth said goodbye to their last guests and embarked on a mission to rejuvenate the land and restore the property to its former glory.

This latest project is still very much a work in progress. The fences and animal enclosures are complete, the herd of goats flourishing, and the ducks and chickens regularly producing enough eggs to supply a surplus to the local market.

A healer and teacher at heart, Colin works hard at creating medicinal products that will alleviate suffering and bring relief to his customers. He is committed to sharing his knowledge and provides every client with detailed instructions on the most effective ways to use his products.

He prides himself on his after-sale care. Whether you’ve purchased relief balm for your dog, or soothing balm for your grandmother, Colin is always happy to offer advice and answer any queries you may have.

Mpetukop Farm

Despite having stood on its lofty hillside for well over 100 years, there are few historical references to Mpetukop Farm.

We know that, over the years, it has been a post office, police station, and trading store.

Nearby is Fort Warwick Farm, once occupied by a small detachment of British soldiers sent to guard the frontier. When the 9th Frontier War broke out near Butterworth in 1878, farmers in the Kei Mouth areas fled their farms, fearing imminent invasion. They took refuge at Fort Warwick where a rough ditch provided some level of protection.
“Overcrowded with women and children,” the ditch provided little protection from the livestock dying around them and became known as “Impetu” or “the place of maggots.”

Situated a few miles from Fort Warwick, Mpetukop is one of the highest points around. From the top of the hill, you can gaze across the Tyityaba Valley, into the old Transkei. Looking south/north/east/west, you have undisturbed views of the coastline that runs from Chintsa to Nahoon.

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